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eclectic basslines: uk bass, gqom, kuduro, breaks, garage, footwork and deconstructed club music for raveseekers

Sound Killa Vol. 3 brings together Nyege Nyege, The Original Bakery and local DJs from Hamburg.

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only yes means yes. take care. be excellent to each other. all genders welcome

Gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien ("BKM") und der Initiative Musik.

DE SCHUURMAN (den haag / nyege nyege) Den Haag-based teenage prodigy Gilermo Schurman followed in the footsteps of his uncle DJ Chippie (one of the genre's co-founders) and cousins DJ Daycard, DJ Master-D. Stiko Jnr and DJ Justme, and began performing and writing beats. Using Fruityloops, he fused familiar bubbling rhythms with rap and R&B samples, trance synths and electro house wobbles, and his tracks quickly became a regular fixture on the Dutch circuit.

ERNA (paris) the best of both worlds. Heiress of a diverse musical culture, Erna composes around a hypnotic groove enhanced by a catchy set of kicks, a return to her Mauritian origins omnipresent in her music.

CREAM CRACKER (hamburg / the original bakery) Born in the gritty streets of Mauritius, Cream Cracker has established himself as the island's premier groovecrafter, DJ, producer, and curator. A passionate record collector and sound designersince the early 90s, he's a true local legend in Mauritius and now calls Hamburg's his new home. With a unique style that blends house, techno, hip hop, Afro rhymes, jazz, and funk, he's a creative visionary and innovator.

NEWINFLUENZER (hamburg / egym)

UNFUG ABLA (hamburg / bangerfabrique) Unfug Abla aka Schwesta Sehra is a multidisciplinary artist based in Hamburg. She was heavily influenced by not only her parents who love RnB and Hip Hop, but also by the omnipresence of the electronic UK sound in The Netherlands and the dutch club culture itself. Digging and selecting since she was a child, she grew up to provide musical curations that come from the heart. From Jazz, Memphis Rap, Phonk to Jungle, Dubstep, Breakbeats, Uk Funky Garage and House, her love for different genres is broadly diversified. Meet her playing @ local spots, solo or with up and coming female collective Bangerfabrique.

DJ AUDACITY x PHILMITPUNK (hamburg / sicnal) DJ Audacity is based in Hamburg. As co-initiator of the party series Let The Drums Speak, he has already organized several daytime events and club nights. He is also a member of the Hamburg community radio [sic]nal, where he regularly hosts shows. His sound is housy, proggy, sometimes breaky, always shaky.xoxo.

Growing up in Hamburg, PHILMITPUNKT has developed his passion for electronic music as a DJ for over a decade. His sound, which ranges from house to acid to electronica, reflects his diverse influences. Always looking for a deep connection with the audience, he creates a unique atmosphere with his sets that moves people. As founder of the HÆVEN collective and host at Sicnal Radio, he continues his mission to enrich and connect the electronic music scene.

Nyege Nyege is an Ugandan, Kampala based label, booking agency, artist residency, club night & Pan-African festival of the arts. As label named Nyege Nyege Tapes they explore, produce and release outsider music from around the region and beyond.

The Original Bakery is a creative label rooted in the diverse and vibrant island of Mauritius and now based in the cultural melting-pot of Hamburg.