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Our Lineup for DIARFEST 11 is ready! ☀️🌙✨

For the first time; 5 acts are joining forces for an unforgettable summer night on MS Stubnitz 🪬 If you can afford it and you feel like we deserve it, get a Support Ticket 🙌🏼

✨🌙☀️ LINEUP ☀️🌙✨

presented by DIARFEST

🚀 Hussain Badran: a pioneering singer-songwriter, merging hip hop, Dabke, techno, and Shabi into a unique sound. Beginning his musical journey early, he formally entered the scene in 2017 in Greece. His debut, „Hawala,“ hit 1 million views in a week, leading to viral successes like „Yallah Habibi,“ which alone garnered over 60 million views. With nearly 100 million YouTube views and 100,000 subscribers.

🚀 DJ Soly: Soly is the Egyptian DJ who has been taking Berlin by storm. He brings all styles of Arabic music to the dancefloor from Mahraganat to Dabkeh to Sidi Mansoor. His music is a mix between dancing vibes, modern tracks, and the nostalgic period of the ‚80s 90’ that bring us back to the Melody hits 🎵

🚀 Mamdouh (lb/se):‬‭ has‬‭ been‬‭ a‬‭ significant‬‭ figure‬‭ in‬‭ Gothenburg’s‬‭ arts‬‭ &‬‭ music‬‭ scenes‬‭ since‬ arriving‬‭ in‬‭ Sweden‬‭ as‬‭ an‬‭ immigrant‬‭ in‬‭ 2017.‬‭ Known‬‭ for‬‭ his‬‭ DJ-ing‬‭ and‬‭ commitment‬‭ to‬ leading‬‭ diversity‬‭ in‬‭ the‬‭ cultural‬‭ scene,‬‭ Mamdouh‬‭ has‬‭ organized‬‭ events‬‭ and‬‭ booked‬‭ artists‬ from across the EU as well as playing in cities throughout the Nordic region and beyond.‬

🚀 Guy Dermosessian: Guy is a DJ and founder of the music label Kalakuta Soul Records, which he has been running since 2009. For more than fifteen years he has been traveling the world’s club scene as a DJ with his suitcases full of records. In 2023, he founded Cute Community Space, a physical place and platform for the production and dissemination of diasporic pop culture, music and knowledge.

🚀 Maria: a new talented DJ, joining us for the first time as a DJ and a promising upcoming artist. Maria’s mixes are unique and her blends are amazing 🔥