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playful noise romantics | future pop | post-something-gaze-something

JAGUWAR's 2018 debut, RINGTHING, enchanted noise romantics. GOLD, their current album, is a fusion of playfulness, empowering strength, future pop and noise romantics.

Berlin's NAVA CALMA, once a solo project known as Cora Line, now a quintet, fuses Post-Rock, Shoegaze and a lot of posty Dreamo in their debut album, "The Full Weight Of Everything."

Gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien ("BKM") und der Initiative Musik.

Jaguwar announce their 2nd album – GOLD – playful noise meets empowering future pop Berlin and Dresden trio JAGUWAR played their way into the hearts of noise romantics with the sprawling sonic landscapes which characterized the trio’s 2018 debut album Ringthing. Oyèmi, Lemmy and Chris subsequently embarked on a phase of intense touring before returning to the studio to create their sophomore album GOLD, set for release in October 2021.

GOLD is a supercharged blast of future pop, transcending borders and defying pigeonholes, an album arising from the band’s predisposition to experiment. GOLD is not only danceable, poppy and endearingly intricate, it also flys in the face of the status quo, ask questions of the current state of affairs and the oppressive mechanisms in our society. GOLD is no blunt denunciation, however, but a soundtrack to accompany the realization that there is strength in individuality, thereby unlocking a new level of productiveness.

Diverting melodies coalesce with a familiarly vociferous wall of sound to create an atmosphere which galvanizes the band’s pursuit of freedom. Thanks to a seemingly limitless arsenal of effect devices and a sizeable stack of amplifiers, JAGUWAR create a wealth of elegant soundscapes. Shimmering tonal fragments infiltrate layer upon layer of aural strata, leading into catchy indie pop hooks which prelude an epic storm of thunderous guitars. Oyèmi and Lemmy alternating vocals are the missing links in a world of stark contrasts.

The band’s gaze is clearly fixed on the future. GOLD is more than a symbiosis of intricate playfulness and the empowering strength of innermost desires. GOLD is a call for justice.

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Nava Calma (fka: Cora Line) was born out of a desire for symbiosis. For connection. From the very beginning as a solo project of a young musician looking for meaning, its intent was to connect the sonic dots of its creator’s identity to form something that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Now acting as a full band the five-piece from Berlin, Germany channel their innermost connection to the world around them through weeping melodies perched on top of shoegazey pads and soundscapes which are then delivered with an explosive and manic urgency and relentless drums. Their sound nests within the realms of Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Post-Metal and the ever so ambiguous term “dreamo”.

Their first full length album „The Full Weight Of Everything“ shows the dynamic range the band is capable of. A gentle hum that lulls you in is paired with gravity defying blankets of sound and piercing lead lines. One second it’s loud, hectic and cathartic. Then it’s quiet, embracing and delicate. An unexpected, daring genre-shift away from the project’s glitch/breakbeat beginnings travelling further back to the start of the members‘ musical origins. Guitar music. A change that was equally scary and freeing.

Vocalist Hannah Louve Benedum speaks about what it means to be a human surrounded by other humans. How we relate to each other. How the smallest action can have the biggest impact and begs the question how one might find a place in this world full of endless stimuli and sounds so rich they turn into white noise.

How do you bear the full weight of everything and what will it do to you when you finally feel it? „A celebration of youth, its fickleness and growing up.“

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