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  • Abendkasse: 20 €
  • Einlass: 23:59
  • Beginn: 23:59

trance | techno

KSB and TRANCENDÆNCE present: Hörst du das Rauschen? Euphyllia ruft nach dir!

± APNOE w/ ± Alina Viktoria ± GI.O ± Pro Athlete ± Anne-Lu ± Appaz ± deflection ± DJ Semisecco ± FI3BER ± Hauke b2b frader ± zwyrg b2b Endym

Our event will be accompanied by an awareness team during the entire time. The awareness team can be recognised by a waistcoat with an A on it.

Should you perceive a transgressive situation in which you feel uncomfortable, e.g. due to assaultive and/or discriminatory behaviour in the form of violence, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism or trans/homophobia, or if you experience an exceptional emotional situation, please contact the crew/bar or our awareness team.

Please respect our no-photo policy!