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John Stammers (UK) - Live at MS Stubnitz // 2012-11-03 - Video Select
Sat, 03. Nov 2012


John Stammers

John Stammers lives in Chorlton, a leafy Suburb of Manchester, England. With artists, musicians, and young entrepreneurs setting their roots down and the streets littered with Shops, restaurants, cafs, and Bars, it has been said that Chorlton is the Laural Canyon of the North of England and John Stammers is part of the Furniture. The Dulcimer, a tavern dedicated to the gospel of folk, jazz, pop and all things Balearic, is where you might catch John either playing Live or talking music till the midnight. John Stammers is going to capture the hearts of many a music fan with this killer album a mix jazz / blues / folk / balearic filled with well-crafted melodies and instrumental pieces, hints of trad arrangements and flashes of contemporary Popular song. John has managed to forge his way into a rather overpopulated live music scene and has effortlessly left his mark.


Manchester / UK


Alternative, Pop, Psychedelic


John Stammers: Vocals / Guitar
Ian Hinton-Smith
Paul Blakesley: Bass / Vocals
Paddy Steer: Drums / Percussion
Allan Cook: Pedal Steel / Dobro / Mandolin
Ben Dumville: Wind Instruments
Naomi Hart: Cello / Piano / Accordion
Nancy Elizabeth: Vo


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