Grindcore Live :: Bestial Vomit (Peru/Italy) - 22. Oct. 2017

Grindcore aus Peru / Italien

BESTIAL VOMIT was born in 2003 with the aim to become the worst, politically incorrect and nastier-sound band in the world. First years of activity (2003-2007) saw the band involved in a deep studio production with a lot splits in every kind of format (cd-cdr-tapes-eps.). They shared the recordings with bands of half world like PLAGUE RAGES, GORGONIZED DORKS and many more. In the 2007 the sound changed a little bit from the old harsh-noisecore to the actual primitive mince-noisegrind; several splits came out with bands like PROLETAR, AGATHOCLES, VULGAR NAUSEA, SMG, DECHE CHARGE, 7MON, CSMD, ARCHAGATHUS and thousands of compilations.

BESTIAL VOMIT was always a band with buddies coming from different places of birth and residence. They are since the beginning involved in the pure spirit of diy, loving collaboration and cooperation among the people. According to their private personal opinions about social & political issues, that could be different from member to member; they are always involved in benefit gigs / recordings / activities to give support to prisoners over all the world; animalist cause; diy places or diy situations.

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