:: EVENT :: DUB TRIO (Brooklyn / NY) :: SONNTAG 3. NOVEMBER 2019 ::

:: LIVE :: AB 21:00 UHR :: DUB TRIO (Brooklyn / NY) ::

Every time we wake up, we return to life. Shaking off slumber, the world seemingly begins anew in front of our eyes.

Dub Trio underwent such an awakening.

'... mixing aggressive rock with dub reggae isn't new. Bad brains were the first notable practitioners, inserting clean-toned dub between bouts of hardcore punk. Fugazi's rhythm section had heavy dub influences. The innovation of Brooklyn's Dub Trio is mixing them within songs -or more precisely, smashing them together. '

Website-Link :: www.dubtrio.com :: Facebook-Link :: www.facebook.com/dubtrio

Over nearly two decades together, the Brooklyn triumvirate—Stu Brooks [bass], DP Holmes [guitar], and Joe Tomino [drums]—not only delivered a string of albums that forever redefined the term “dub” under cover of metal, punk, alternative, and shoegaze, but also infused its musical prowess into the studio recordings and the shows of genre-bending icons ranging from Mike Patton to Lady Gaga.

Website-Link :: www.dubtrio.com :: Facebook-Link :: www.facebook.com/dubtrio

:: Einlass 20:00 | Beginn 21:00 Uhr :: VVK: 16,50€ zzgl. Gebühr | AK: 19€ ::