EVENT :: Anachronism 514235 :: 13.Dezember 2018

EVENT :: Anachronism 514235 :: 13.Dezember 2018EVENT :: Anachronism 514235 :: 13.Dezember 2018

Anachronism 514235

± Peter Strickmann – solo 
winds, objects, feedback 
peter strickmann :: link


UNPROFESSIONAL is a state of mind born in Italy and exported to Berlin.
UNPROFESSIONAL is everywhere but not everyone.
UNPROFESSIONAL is distorted stroboscopic foggy and obscure dancefloor.
UNPROFESSIONAL is there where the difference between Lo-fi and bad is.
UNPROFESSIONAL (LIVE)s on the floors of the ghettos of the
UNPROFESSIONAL can happen in clubs too.

g-01100111.tumblr :: link

instagram.link :: ghetto_gi
soundcloud.link :: unprofessional

± Sad Ed
'Das muss!!! so.Da ist es gut!!! (Kinderweinen im Hintergrund) 'Was ist DAS DEnn? ' (sehr angeekelt aber unbedingt STARK) 'HihiHAAAAwääärgh iiiiiiii' (lautes ungehaltenes Gelächter) 50 Quietschies-Hundespielzeug Musikmatten-Hüpfklavier

± Difficult Music
Known amongst much for the consistently versatile and exploring radio show 'Difficult Music for Difficult People sent from Hamburg open radio station, FSK DJ Difficult Music shares his incredible knowledge and extremely broad interests in music with more or less difficult people on the air or in the venue.

mixcloud.link :: difficultmusic
fsk-hh :: link

Konzertreihe: Noise/Modular/Experimental/Avantgarde

Einlass 20 Uhr :: Beginn 21 Uhr :: Abendkasse :: 5 €

www.anachronism.de - facebook.link :: chronologicalinconsistencies

Website :: facebook.link :: events



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