Apocalypse Gameshow May 10th/12th

Have you got what it takes to survive the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know it?
Twisted end-times entertainment The Apocalypse Gameshow returns for another "immersive joyride of heroic cynicism"*

As Austerity April takes a great big bite out of Britain as we know it and the 'Mayan End of The World' came and went without so much as a ripple in the space-time-continuum we find ourselves very much STILL HERE. No time for complacency however -plenty of plausible catastrophes vie to be the one to end them all...come to think of it, what happened to spring?

- Time to join your host, Dex Sinister, as he guides you through a simulated obstacle course of possible apocalypses, in a show teetering between all-out bad taste and genuine concern.

Descend to our paranoia psych-gym in the bowels of the ship for your doomsday induction and profiling. Viable contestants get the chance to spin our wheel-of-misfortune and practice for their impending doom in one of our lovingly crafted end-of-the-world scenarios crammed with practical challenges, spurious moral conundrums, rampant future fear and eschatological slapstick.

With a combination of luck and wits you may win the chance to be a protagonist, not merely an extra in this endgame of the world-as-we-know -it.

"a witty, timely and hugely enjoyable night out"  - Time Out

"an immersive joyride of heroic cynicism" "an apocalypse worth waiting for" * This is Cabaret

10th & 12th May - 7pm

Please complete your online Player Induction for extra player points.


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